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YEMO in de praktijk

Retailers go to great lengths to support their local stores with marketing materials and supplies, but with many stores, different formulas, multiple target groups and marketing campaigns across different product groups, this becomes a very complex task. Thanks to YEMO’s all-in-one marketing software, it is possible to find a suitable solution for every desired situation.

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YEMO's Campagne Manager

Meet Sarah:

Sarah is Marketing Manager at a medium-sized retail organization with more than 265 outlets spread over 2 countries (NL & BE). 14 campaigns are developed each year. Every campaign must be translated to the shops. For the creative part, Sarah can count on support from her advertising agency. Sarah has access to 2 different suppliers for the production of Point-of-Sale material and printed materials.

Points of improvement:

  • Orders are sent to the various suppliers in Excel by e-mail
  • A lot of time is lost in calculating prices, approval and confirmation
  • Artwork is delivered separately
  • There is a lot of “waste” because all outlets receive the same package
  • The “re-ordering” of items takes a lot of time because one has to go through the entire “flow” again
  • Deadlines are sometimes not met, because assignments are not confirmed centrally and no status updates can be consulted
  • Because the data comes from different sources, it is difficult to monitor the budget and issue forecasts

Desired situation:

  • 1 environment to which all suppliers are connected and can request online and real-time quotations and place orders
  • When calculating prices, the relevant store DNA must be automatically taken into account. Who can receive what and in what quantity.
  • Artwork, Campaign name, PO number, volume and delivery address must be automatically assigned to each assignment
  • Status updates can be consulted online
  • An order can only be made after Sarah has given her approval
  • Via “Dashboarding” she’s able to gain more insight into costs and budgets

Situation after implementation of our software:



In addition to all other suppliers, the DTP studio is also connected to the platform. Sarah can now easily create a new briefing and communicate about the progress via the platform. Once completed, the artwork is hung on the right order and stored as such in the Database. This is easy, in case you want to repeat an order.



YEMO has uploaded the products and associated cost price calculations for all suppliers. Offers can be calculated and requested in real time. The stores are clustered based on region, area and product range. Mutations in the store or cluster profile are implemented online and processed immediately. It is also possible to add or exclude stores from a campaign. After selecting the right materials and stores, Sarah can request rates and immediately provide a PO number to the assignment.



After activating a campaign, all tasks are automatically executed. The supplier receives the order confirmation, the PO number, the artwork / PDF and the corresponding mailing list. In the mean time, Sarah receives updates about the status of her assignment. If desired, the materials can be produced, packed and delivered on the basis of pre defined routes.



Because we can access and combine internal and external data, every imaginable report is possible. The flexibly set-up dashboard shows the costs per campaign, per item, per supplier and per outlet. She also has insight into the stock level of products stored at the Distribution Center. She can manage KPIs and can easily print reports and monitor budgets.

Campagne Manager

Additional advantages:

  • 100% invoice verification through linking with Finance (ERP)
  • Reduced purchase prices, through more efficient workflow
  • Substantial savings on project management hours
  • There is hardly any waste because every store is supplied on the basis of store DNA
  • Better control of deadlines and delivery times
  • More grip on budget

The outlets have been given access to a Marketing Portal. On this portal they can only order products that qualify for their location. Via an additional Asset Management and Design module, the store managers can independently adjust price cards and localize artwork. Of course completely in accordance with the Brandbook. Through an “approval” workflow, orders are only set in motion after Sarah’s department has given their approval.

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