Social Media

Post messages and monitor your online reputation

In order to use social media marketing successfully, you need content that inspires and activates your audience. With YEMO’s Social Media Module, you have the right tools to use the right content effectively.

Social Media

Do you want to create awareness, put a product on the market, generate leads or build a fanbase? With our Social Marketing Module you can create a campaign in seconds, select which clusters or platforms are eligible and you can easily plan the date and time when you want your message to go “live”.

  • Create and manage campaigns
  • Create groups and clusters
  • Schedule and place content automatically
  • Receive feedback (number of followers, likes, shares, comments, etc..

Smart learning


Analyze previous publications and automate the ideal moment to go “live”

Campaign Management


Choose theme, template, platform, message and link it to an account cluster on which you want to communicate. Then set a date and time and your campaign is ready!

Social Listening


Monitor your online reputation and listen what people are saying about your company, brand or campaign.



Does your fanbase grow bigger or does it decrease? Which message was the most popular and how many likes and “shares” has this action delivered. With our Analytics module you will never shoot with hail again

Give local marketers and location managers the tools to quickly and easily create local social marketing posts without losing control over your brand

  • Set templates available and ensure your brand consistency
  • Share your best practises
  • Keep an overview of the social media activity of your regional offices
  • Manage user groups and access rights