Local Marketing

One central repository for your marketing assets and related items

Provide your marketers and store managers with the tools to drive their local marketing activities, swift and simple, without losing brand control

Our Local Marketing Portal is an online platform to manage and facilitate your local marketing activities efficiently. Your own web portal in which your subsidiaries, stores, dealers and distributors can personalize, order and reorder marketing materials easily.

  • Adapt and personalize posters, adverts, house-style
  • Ordering of sign, print and in-store PoS material
  • Sharing best practises
  • Stock management
  • Communication of actions and promotions



Provide templates regarding advertising, social media, in-store promotions



Unlock marketing materials and define the users that may access them



Manage brand assets, user rights and ordering workflows



The WYSIWYG editor permits the user to personalize thematic actions and campaigns

YEMO, part of the Gateway NINtec Group, supports her clients with the automation of processes concerning the creation, planning, approval, ordering and distribution of both physical and digital marketing content. This is facilitated with an online distribution platform.

All products, brand assets, design templates, suppliers, purchase prices, store profiles (location based), user rights and execution on orders are controlled from one environment. Consequently it is possible to execute campaigns fast and precise. Our platform makes it very simple to present the appropriate products at the right time, in the right quantity to the user.

  • 24/7 online ordering
  • Stock level warnings
  • Monitor ordering history , budget and costs
  • Multiple suppliers on 1 platform