Campaign Management

Automate the execution of your marketing campaigns

YEMO supports you with the automation of processes related to the creation, planning, approval, ordering and distribution of both physical and digital marketing content.

Data driven Campagne Management 

Still working with Excel lists? Every store receives the same Point-of-Sale package or are packages automatically put together and delivered on basis of the store profile? Are you able to connect to multiple suppliers on your current platform or are you tied to one supplier? Do you have to consult multiple systems or comes everything together on one platform?

  • Manage all suppliers on one platform
  • Manage per outlet the advertising/ displays together with the store DNA
  • Create campaigns on basis of region and store DNA
  • Analytics: monitor costs per campaign, per supplier or store

Track & Trace


Receive status updates about the production and progress of your running campaigns



Lower the workload by automating the procurement function and its execution

User rights


Organise users – individually or per group/ department – and determine the access level

API Connection


Have the platform communicate with: CRM, ERP (SAP, Exact), DAM, PIM, etc.

With our campaign management solutions you have everything at hand to coordinate and distribute your marketing content, efficiently and cost effective

  • Monitor the cost per campaign
  • Monitor the cost per supplier
  • Receive status updates
  • Import external data